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Business Elevator helps entrepreneurs FORMULATE a plan for solving critical issues before running a business, both micro and smaller.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also increases our value. We provide a broad range of awareness & exposure training & development services and programs to support better positioning of organizations within their value proposition.

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Business Elevator helps aspiring entrepreneurs or current employees evaluate their skillset and examine if entrepreneurship is the best fit through our workshops and webinars.

Our customized workshops and webinars in collaboration with CU/CI Business Generator, "Becoming an Entrepreneur" & "WayFinder" are session from 2 hours up to 2 days in length. Contact us to learn more about when the next session is or how these services can help you.

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If the discovery process uncovered entrepreneurship is the correct fit, Business Elevator provides opportunities for individuals or microbusinesses to gain an understanding of the feasibility of the problem, the solution, and target audience.

The Entrepeneur Coaching Academy is an introductory level 6-week cohort training for aspiring entrepreneurs that provides information related to completing the business canvas to systematically flush out ideas prior to launching a business venture. Core is an intermediate level 10-week cohort training for active businesses to deepen understanding of the business canvas, and how it effects business viability. Contact us to learn more about when the next cohort is or how these services can help you.

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Business Elevator provides opportunities for micro-business and smaller business to gain business acumen in the field through mentoring, meet ups, trainings, and events.


MicroBoom is the incubational development & product or service testing program (in collaboration with multiple stakeholders) that encompasses operating at pop up markets & vendor events. These opportunities are in strategic locations and at specific events in Champaign County and throughout the regional ecosystem.

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Business Elevator broadens the access to our ecosystem of micro and smaller businesses to other entrepreneurial ecosystems, to promote collaborative and cooperative business opportunities locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. 

Rise 217 is the designed platform that culminates all the programs and services delivered through Business Elevator and collaborating stakeholders.


Micro & Smaller Businesses are ONLY eligible to register and participate in RISE 217's pitch competition if they have successfully progressed through the continuum of services. 

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